To join, let us know by emailing We’ll let you know more about our weekly meetings on campus, as well as add you to our email list!

10 Reasons to Join

1. You want to join a fun, tight-knit, social, hardworking, and passionate group of bubble tea drinkers.
2. You want to contribute to the only Asian-interest magazine on campus.
3. You are interested in Asian culture and/or current events.
4. Your interests include writing, designing, marketing, editing, web design, or photography, and you want to build your portfolio.
5. You want to join a fun organization that is serious and ambitious at the same time.
6. You are a creative thinker.
7. You want to be a part of an organization that is changing, growing, and improving year after year.
8. You want to build your resume. We reward effort and dedication. If you are creative, hardworking, or dedicated to the magazine, you will be promoted to a board position.
9. You are a lost freshman who has no idea what campus organizations to join. Big Straw offers something for everyone.
10. You spend your free time playing around on InDesign, Photoshop, and/or Illustrator.

Get Involved

Here are some other ways to get involved in Big Straw! Send us an email at to:

  • Send us article ideas for events and topics you want to see covered in the next issue of the magazine.
  • Nominate someone to be featured in our magazine. The person you nominate must be of Asian descent and must be inspiring in some way. You may nominate a student or professor at Carnegie Mellon.

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