Welcome to the website of Big Straw Magazine!

One could say we’re a bunch of writers, editors, designers, and photographers at Carnegie Mellon who work together to make a magazine. But we’re more than just that! Browse through our website or check out an issue of the magazine to learn more about who we are and what we do.

You can find the Fall 2016 issue on-campus in the UC, on newsstands near the front entrances of Baker Hall and Doherty Hall, and in Hunt Library at the lounging area near the 1st floor elevators. If you can’t find a copy at any of these places though, email us at bigstrawmag@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to get you one!

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Important Dates & Events

Our Fall 2016 issue is OUT NOW. Here’s what the cover looks like:


Is it too late to submit a piece?

Nope. We have several rounds of submissions and editing. Come to our meetings to sign up for an article or send us your article idea online. Check the “Submit” section of our website for more details.